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Social Media

More than just likes.

Through social media, your brand can create a strong online presence, engage directly with customers, and continually grow through observation. This is a part-time PR and a part-time creative platform where I can help your brand put it's best, most authentic foot forward.

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Don't just post to the void.

A sign of great social media presence that is often forgotten by brands is engagement. To me, replying, re-sharing, and interacting with your audience on social media is a must.

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The Feed

The first sign of great branding.

How do you ensure active and increasing engagement through content? I can deliver an authentic brand voice and look through imaging and copy-writing on social media.


The Platform

Yes, you should be treating them separately.

Are you newer to social media and starting out with Facebook and Instagram? Are you wondering if your brand should venture into Twitter or Tiktok? Let's start that conversation!


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