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What To Eat in Phoenix This Summer

When it comes to choosing what to eat, summers are always challenging for me. I don’t want anything too heavy or too hot but I also cannot eat a salad every night. We’re at the point where highs reach over 110° in Phoenix and if I were eating out, my thighs would definitely be sweating on restaurant seats. Being a Phoenix foodie right now is tough but we will get through this heatwave eventually. Until then, here are my top foods to try this summer.

Mango Ice Cream from Cucara Macara Ice Cream Shop

I crave mango during the summer. The sweet, tropical fruit paired with the heat makes me feel like I’m on vacation when in reality, I am in the desert. The flavor of this ice cream is immaculate. Not that artificial tasting mango flavor that you get from a White Claw. Now, before I get you too excited, ice cream flavors are subject to change daily, so try a few different ones. Maybe you’ll fall in love with a flavor like kiwi or cheese!

Omakase from Kodo Sushi Sake

My favorite sushi around Phoenix (so far) has to be this small restaurant in Scottsdale. Although I wish I could sit at the sushi bar and enjoy a sake here now, it’s one of the things I most look forward to when dine-in reopens. The omakase, Chef Choi’s selection of sashimi, is the best option for sushi lovers.

ANYTHING from Haji-Baba

Meat-eaters and vegetarians alike have delicious options to choose from at Haji-Baba. This is a classic spot for Phonecians to have their plates filled with Middle Eastern food. I prefer their Chicken Shwarma but their Gyros and Falafel tempt me to order more than I can eat. Located in Tempe, the restaurant/market is open for takeout and delivery only currently.

Pulled Pork Sandwich from Honey Bear’s BBQ

Although it’s too hot for me to enjoy patio grilling, it’s taught me to truly appreciate barbeque restaurants. Barbeques are what summers outside of Phoenix seem to consist of, at least that’s what I see in the movies. Honey Bears is the only BBQ restaurant I think of when giving recommendations to friends. Order a pulled pork sandwich for yourself or order meat by the pound for your socially distanced parties!

tSoynami from Nami

An old favorite that never really gets old. tSoynami is a soy and coconut milk soft-serve you can find at both locations of Green New American Vegetarian. My favorite soft-serve combo is vanilla Nami with Banana Cream Pie mix-ins but you really can’t go wrong with any of their signature combinations.

Tacos from Tacos Sahuaro

I’ll be dedicating a whole a** post specifically for Tacos Sahuaro soon. I’m going to nail down my recommendation by trying every meat in taco form. In the meantime, you can’t go wrong with carne asada tacos or tacos al pastor. Tacos Sahuaro is open for to-go only currently so plan ahead! Stay tuned.

Build Your Own Plate at Hummus Xpress

If you haven’t had Hummus Xpress yet I am telling you: MAXIMUM FLAVOR MINIMUM PRICE. You can get a pita filled with whatever you want for under $8 or you can get a plate with even more for less than $12. From garlic herb red potatoes to lemon roasted chicken, every single option tastes as good as their names make them sound. Don’t forget to choose from their four different hummus flavors too!

Cauliflower Tacos from The Coronado

I’m pretty sure I would eat anything if it’s masa-battered and deep-fried but these cauliflower tacos are truly remarkable. They are vegetarian and can be prepared vegan but the satisfying crispy cauliflower reminds me of the fresh fish tacos minus any risk of a stomach ache. They’re served with creamy guac and avocado dressing, meaning I don’t miss crema or cheese at all.

Sweet Corn and Quinoa side at Flower Child

The beauty of Flower Child is that you can choose your own adventure. Whatever option you choose, their menu changes with the season so if you’re craving something summery, you are sure to find it here. Their sweet corn and quinoa side is not the healthiest option on their menu, but this isn’t a list of healthiest foods in Phoenix. My order includes tofu, sweet corn and quinoa, and charred asparagus slaw. I also ask for a side of their red pepper miso sauce (works well with all proteins)!

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