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The #1 Phoenix Restaurant to Follow: @eatsaintpasta

Scrolling through Postmates about a year ago, I stumbled on a pasta delivery restaurant whipping up just a handful of pasta dishes. I ordered the Pomodoro and the Cacio e Pepe and was delivered a masterfully prepared meal along with two kickass stickers that read “Al Dente or Die.” This was my first experience with Saint Pasta, the “newbies” changing the Phoenix food scene forever.

In a sea of the same reputation management strategies and appealing-to-everyone marketing efforts, Saint Pasta came on the scene with an attitude that wakes up the industry. They don’t tolerate people who treat others poorly, which is usually not a common practice in hospitality. Instead of “the guest is always right,” Saint Pasta will defend their employees and call out reviewers on their bullshit. Their Instagram, @eatsaintpasta, has earned an extremely high engagement rate compared to the industry standard, with followers that constantly interact with Racan, the third of Saint Pasta behind all marketing.

From memes to an ad of a nasty Yelp review, Saint Pasta does not follow the “rules” of restaurant marketing. Right before the governor issued the “Stay at Home” mandate due to COVID-19, the restauranteurs stopped their operations to protect themselves and the community from the spread of the virus. After months, they have still chosen to remain closed while others have chosen to reopen with the risk, with hopes to still be opening their first brick and mortar (stand-alone restaurant concept) in the fall.

Despite stepping away from both dine-in and to-go service, Saint Pasta has remained ever-relevant on social media in a number of ways. They created how-to videos for their pasta sauces and chicken cutlets on IGTV, a feature other Phoenix restaurants barely utilize if at all. They created a popup (with strict social distancing guidelines) selling pre-made versions of their sauce, selling out quickly to customers standing 6 feet apart. They wouldn’t ever stay silent on social issues they care about like the Black Lives Matter Movement or problems in the Phoenix restaurant industry.

The guys of Saint Pasta are holding brands accountable for their actions and serving up pasta in ways that other Phoenician restaurants envy. #AlDenteorDie.

Rigatoni Vodka w/ Snow Peas

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