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Digital spaces have become the epicenter of my school, work, and social life. From online meetings to coffee dates and happy hours, digital spaces host almost all of my interpersonal relationships now.

My Google Calendar that once was full of events is now a list of appointments, location: Zoom link. As someone who has used Zoom for years of meetings, I find it exciting to watch the world adapt to the new “Work from Home” style. What used to be saved for remote workers has become the digital standard for all office jobs.

What this means to me is that employers are discovering that many jobs and positions can be fulfilled without coming into the office for a full work-week. Of course, there are many benefits to in-person work including stimulating creativity and questioning, but this transition to a digital space can lead to so many opportunities.

It can benefit the new mother or father returning from their leave, transitioning slowly back into full-time work starting digitally. It shows that deadlines can be met and work quality can remain the same even if the employee is not physically present.

I look forward to more employers being open to hiring remote workers or transitioning their employees to remote work for travel.

Socially, I feel a pressure to actively maintain the friendships I've created in person despite being unable to physically see them. The pandemic has inspired me to consistently check in on my friends and schedule those Zoom "happy hours" or "coffee dates." It is much more difficult to interact as a group online but one-on-one interactions have been meaningful and joyous parts of my days. Just seeing a familiar face is so comforting, even if the means of communication have changed drastically.

How is the transition online changed your perception of work and human connection?

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