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Chula Seafood - Adapting to the Restaurant Industry in a Pandemic

Updated: Sep 2

Being adaptable and quick-thinking are two skills you must have in the restaurant industry, whether you’re a server talking to an upset guest or a chef working with limited ingredients.

As we all know, when the pandemic first started affecting the hospitality industry, restaurants were forced to shut down dine-in service and keep their lights on through savings, government loans, and to-go sales. Since then, restaurants have been testing and implementing new efforts to keep their guests engaged and eating despite the “new normal”.

Chula Snappers

One local restaurant continues to shine: Chula Seafood.

Chula is a well-known sustainable fish market here in town, boasting fresh fish, even in a land-locked state. In a recent TikTok video, they tell us how their seafood takes a road trip from their San Diego fishing boat all the way to Phoenix.

The Fish Fam at Chula is actually doing the most right now. Not only are they offering their usual menu and fresh fish by the pound, but they’ve also added a next-day-delivery service if you order a meal online. But wait! They aren’t just any meals. They have options like a DIY Sushi Kit, a Fresh Fish Taco Kit, or a Sashimi Party Plater served with Noble Bread.

Of course, all these take-home meal kits are fun and different, but what if you really miss that feeling of excitement when a renowned chef hosts a one-night-only pop-up where they flex their culinary skills? Typing that out, I realize that’s an oddly specific thing to miss during a pandemic but I can’t be the only one. Bring in Chula Uptown’s Monday Night Dinners, where Chefs Kyle Kent and Jade Montoya flex their creativity and craft for a meal that changes each week.

This past Monday, they ventured past seafood and took inspiration from a Korean dish called Bo Ssam. The meal included crispy pork belly, tender smoked duck breast, freshly shucked oysters, and all the fixins. Check out their Instagram to see what I’m drooling over here.

Chula Seafood has been a loved part of the Phoenix community for five years now and continues to make everyone they serve feel like part of the family. They’ve been innovators since the start, giving Arizonians a taste of the freshest seafood.

Reserve your spot at the Chula x Cloth and Flame community dinner, to be hosted once it is safe. Proceeds from these ticket sales will go directly to Chula Seafood to support their team during this difficult time.

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